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This product is the result of a collaboration between dedicated product developers, various companies from the cleaning industry and ergomical experts. Our mission was to create a better world without injuries for all the people working in the cleaning industry. We offer a patented method and product tool that are initially directed to the cleaning market, which is one of the most exposed markets to injuries.

This new product allows the user to get less physical strain injuries, makes work more fun to do while increasing the cleaning efficiency. When you are using a traditional mop it creates posture with high-shoulders and wrists in the outer positions, muscle tension in trapetziusmuscle. This causes pain.

Our product is an innovative tool that allows the measured strains of the neck trapetziusmuskel to be close to zero!

We can offer companies a product that reduces its employees' work-related injuries and increase efficiency without them
need to make major investments in expensive cleaning machines.
Our ergonomic mop tool to reduce occupational injuries among cleaners, while allowing the cleaner to clean more square meters per time unit than it is today.



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